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Alicia Sora is an actress and a singer from Vega, the lover of Izumo Kamurogi, and the mother of both Amata Sora and Kagura Demuri. She was abducted 10 years prior to the series' events.


She has long pink hair and purple eyes. She has only been shown wearing a beautiful red and white dress with black tights, due to the fact she was abducted while wearing said dress, and put to sleep for a long time afterwards. Curiously, the dress she wears when she was abducted is the costume she uses in the movie Skies of Aquaria, where she plays Sylvie, the character inspired by Silvia de Alisia.

In the flashbacks and in Amata's photos of her, she's shown to wear a variety of other attires.


Not much it's shown about Alicia besides the fact that she was abducted when Amata was a child, and that she was asleep for a long time. However, in Amata's memories, she's shown to be a kind and caring mother, and judging by the photos collected by Kagura, she and Amata used to be very close. She was shown to regret leaving Amata, but did so anyways to see if Altair was a safe place for her and her son to live.


Alicia was an actor in the movie "Skies of Aquaria", playing the role of Sylvie, the character inspired by the real Silvia de Alisia. While Amata was, once again, watching the movie starring his mother, he met Mikono Suzushiro, and is there that he decides he won't let fate take another person away from him, remembering Alicia being abducted.

Alicia is Amata's mother. When they first meet, Amata explains to Mikono that she flew beyond her destiny as all he could do was watch in despair. It was later said that she was the first Rare Igura brought to Altair by Izumo and Mikage. She was believed to be the "True Eve", but fell into a death-like sleep after passing through the dimensional gate. Ever since then, her body is preserved in a stasis chamber guarded by Izumo, though later it was moved to the outskirts of Ianthe, where she could awake for a short while. Jin idolizes her and has a holographic picture of her saved onto his personal device.


Being abducted by the people of Altair, it means that she must have been a particularly powerful Element, though her power is never shown. She was special in the sense that unlike the other female elements, she could resist Altair's curse and preserve her body, though the reason for this is unknown. She seems to be capable of some sort of telepathy, as she was able to call Amata and talk to him, and he was able to hear her voice in his mind leading him to her. She was also able to teleport him to her chamber, as well.


Amata Sora[]

Amata is Alicia's only son, before being transported to the other world, Altair. Amata thinks she abandoned him because of his element powers, but it was revealed she abandoned him because she wanted to help Izumo, as well as too see if Altair was a safe place for them to live. She and Amata were quite close, as Amata had difficulty making friends because of his powers, and had only Alicia to support him. Amata was devastated when Alicia was abducted, thinking she had abandoned because of his powers as well. In episode 24 it's hinted Amata has resented Alicia ever since, though apologizes to her after she tells him the truth.

Izumo Kamurogi[]

Izumo met Alicia when she was abducted. Izumo had to put Alicia in a stasis chamber so they could transport her to Altair. But the chamber had been damaged during the way back and Alicia has been in a death-like sleep since then.

It was revealed that Izumo and Alicia met and fell in love many years ago, and started a secret relationship, later conceiving Amata. Because of the nature of their relationship, Izumo had to keep Alicia and his child's existence a secret. Mikage would later use to this to his advantage. Even after the series' events, they still show to love each other and care for Amata.

Kagura Demuri[]

It was revealed in episode 21 that Kagura is also Alicia's son, as he is a part of Amata's soul. This is due to Mikage's interference. Kagura has a vague sense that she is his mother, showing to collect photos of her an hang them in a wall, or screaming in despair when he sees a picture of her and himself as Amata. But he isn't quite able to figure it out until Amata tells him, although at that point he no longer cares about her.

Alicia is somewhat indifferent towards Kagura, and merely refers to him as Amata's other-self. It's unknown what sort of relationship she'd had with him had she lived enough to interact with him, though Kagura is dismissive towards her just as he is with Izumo.


  • She is the only rare igura that was exposed to Altair's curse and resisted it.
  • In a BigGlobe popularity poll made during the show's airing time, she ranked 11th place with 1204 votes.
  • The shading technique made to her hair is similar to Sheryl Nome's, from Macross Frontier. They both have pink hair with soft purple shading.
  • It's never explained how or why she was able to resist Altair's curse, since the reason given for the curse was that Ianthe was sucking the life out of the land.