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Amata Sora (アマタ・ソラ, Amata Sora) is the main protagonist of Aquarion EVOL. He is the son of Alicia and Izumo and is also the reincarnation of Apollo and Pollon.


Amata has short, orange hair and violet eyes. He wears a black shirt under a sleeveless red vest. He wears a pair of gray cargos with a thick brown belt along with a pair of small bags used to carry weights. He wears a pair of boots which he fills with various amounts of weight depending on how excited he is, to prevent himself from flying off due to his ability. The soles of his shoes can be opened up to remove the weights in case he needs to fly rather than stay grounded.


Amata is kind, polite, and a bit reserved. He dislikes his powers because it sets him apart from other people, as other children were scared of him when he would fly off in the air unexpectedly. This led Amata to be very lonely, as he grew up without any friends. He loves his mother, Alicia, and was devastated when she left him as a child 10 years ago. Amata was traumatized by this event, as he grew up to believe people would hate him for his power, which made him hide his abilities at all cost, usually putting weights on the insides of his boots or, as shown in a flashback, outright ripping off the feathers of his wings.

While he is usually nice and polite to the people he meets, he becomes melancholic when the subject of Alicia comes up. He is convinced that his powers are what made her abandon him, and hates his abilities. Despite this, Amata is lonely and just wants friends and people that will love him. In comparison with Andy, he is down-to-earth and more reasonable, constantly being the straight man to his antics, but following him regardless. He's a bit timid and dislikes conflict, unlike Kagura who is more forceful and blunt.

However, Amata becomes hotblooded and determined when Mikono is in danger, or when the subject of Alicia comes up. He attacks Izumo when he believes he is holding Alicia captive, and constantly battles Kagura when he thinks he's out to hurt Mikono, showing that while he dislikes confrontations, he'll step up and do anything to protect those he loves.

He desperately longs to see Alicia again, and secretly yearns to have a family. He dreamed to have a normal family and grow up with his father and mother alongside him, and is outraged when Kagura is made into killing Izumo and Alicia, and sets out to take revenge on him. Alicia's abandonment of his also inspired him to never let go of Mikono, as he constantly sees Alicia in her, fearing that she will leave him the same way his mother did, and refusing to let the same thing happen again.



Amata as a child

When Amata was a child, he awoke his powers of flight, but was unable to control them, making his wings appear at unexpected times, scaring people around him. Because of this, he was isolated from his peers, and grew up friendless. At the age of six, Alicia suddenly left him, leaving Amata even more lonely and confused. He assumed she abandoned him because of his powers, and ever since then he hates them and tries to hide them using weights on his shoes or ripping off the feathers of his wings.

Amata never had any conversation with anyone else but his boss until he met Mikono at the theater. The two quickly became friends and Amata came to think their meeting was predestined. He does anything he can to protect her when they're first attacked by the abductors, even revealing his flight powers in an attempt to save her, even though he fears that she'll hate him for it later.


Amata and Kagura.

Amata grew up with a desire to never let his fate or destiny fly away, most probably as a result of watching Alicia walk away and being unable to stop her. When he is excited, such by sexual arousal or intense emotion, he loses control over his power of flight. Zessica often takes advantage of this to make Mikono jealous, much to Amata's displeasure.

In episode 21, it was revealed that Amata and Kagura were a single person 10 years ago. They were both present when Alicia left for the planet Altair, though only Kagura followed after her. Mikage was responsible for Amata being separated into two, resulting in Kagura leaving with his mother while Amata stayed on Vega. This makes the two of them reincarnations of Apollo and Pollon, though curiously Amata doesn't posses any animal trait that links him to either of them, unlike Kagura who does act like a wild animal. It's assumed that Amata is the kinder side of Apollo.


Wings of Sun

Wings of the Sun.

Amata's Element power is Anti-Gravity (空中飛翔 Kūchū Hishō). When excited in any kind of way, he will glow a golden color and float upwards. When he was a child this manifested to such a degree that he would also grow a pair of wings from his ankles. As a result of this Amata carries bags of weights that he will add to the interior of his boots to try and keep his powers hidden from people.

Kagura stated that Amata was Wings of the Sun when he saw Amata for the first time.

After finishing the Special Training of the Grave devised by Zen Fudo, he could freely control his wings and use a special skill called Detachment Wings (無執不惑翼), allowing him to deflect Kagura's Power of Reversal. In the last episode he merged Vector Z and Solar Aquarion to make Aquarion LOVE to defeat Mikage.


Mikono Suzushiro[]

Amata possesses romantic feelings for Mikono, since the first day they met in episode 01 and had their first kiss in the last episode. They are destined for each other and it shows that on many occasions he has shown feelings for other women including Zessica but she knows in fact that he is already in love with Mikono.

Zessica Wong[]

Zessica initially enjoys messing with Amata's emotions and flight power, and later expresses romantic feelings for him, but is saddened by his lack of feelings for her. She becomes gradually jealous, to the point where her telekinesis begins randomly acting up.

Andy W. Hole[]

Amata acts as a surrogate brother to Andy, and assists him in his constant endeavors to dig holes to the girls' section of the academy. Their antics provide some of the series's comedy.

Kagura Demuri[]

Amata and Kagura

Kagura asking Amata if he wants to die.

Amata felt a strange sense of deja vu when he met Kagura, as though he knew the strange boy from somewhere else, and seeks to find out who and what he is. The only source of friction between them is their mutual love for Mikono, which Kagura tactlessly acts on in contrast to Amata's reserved attitude. Feeling possessive of Mikono, Kagura politely asked to kill Amata during their first meeting, but did not get a chance to act out on this desire.

On their third meeting, Kagura attempted to use his power of "reversal" to fatally reverse the blood flow in Amata's heart, only to be stopped by the timely intervention of Andy and Mix.


"You're me"

It was revealed in episode 21, that Amata and Kagura are one person split into two and reincarnations of Apollo (and by extension Pollon).


  • Amata is referred to as Solar Wing by Kagura due to his believed descent from Apollonius. This proves to be false, as Amata is the reincarnation of Pollon while Solar Wing is the Aquarion itself.
  • He is the reincarnation of Apollo and Pollon, along with Kagura Demuri.