Andy W. Hole
Andy W. Hole
Kanji アンディ・W・ホール
Romanji Andi Daburu Hōru
Gender Male
Height 175 cm
Eyes Light Brown
Hair Brown
Personal Status
Race Element/Human
Age 17
Professional Status
Occupation Aquarion Pilot
First Appearance
Anime Debut Aquarion Evol Episode 1
Japanese Voice Kousuke Toriumi
English Voice Josh Grelle

Wielding the element power of creating holes, Andy can find a weak point on any structure in order to collapse it int a hole. But he uses this ability early on only to get close to the girls, physically. One student has said, "He is similar to Pierre Vieira with his obsession of girls."


Andy has brown hair and light brown eyes. He's always seen wearing a woolen cap, along with fingerless gloves.


He comes off as very friendly, as he instantly bonded with Amata the moment after he met him, immediately calling him his "digging bro". His passion for digging holes strangely gives him a philosophical persona, comparing holes to other people's emotional problems and that he feels the need to create holes so that it can replace other people's emotional problems. He once said that the only hole he'll fall into, is one he dug himself. He doesn't have any emotional problems. His passion to create holes, contrasts with his generally optimistic personality, however, it caused a terrible misunderstanding when he tried to confess his love for MIX, and thus caused him to fall into a depression (the hole he dug himself). His obsession with girls makes him come across as a pervert, this heightened sexual tension was caused by a gender-barrier wall called the Berlin, which caused his infatuation to become an obsession, taking any chance he gets to be physically close to a girl. He abandons this once he truly falls for MIX.


From all the boys at Neo-DEAVA, he is the most eager to make contact with the girls, resulting in him digging an underground passage to pass under the wall that separates the Girls and Boys section of the school. He is responsible for the new seat arrangement for their class. He calls MIX's large breasts as cannons, he also seems to consider Amata a brother of sorts, which he calls as digging bro. After the combination of the boys and school section he still digs, only this time to enter the girls changing room.


Andy has the ability to create holes, creating one by finding the weakpoint in the structure of the material and crumbling it down into a hole. After the grave exercise, he can create holes with his body, not just with his hand. He can also dig into anything.



Amata Sora

Jin Muso


  • He is of the mindset that digging holes leads to freedom, and gets annoyed when they are sealed up
    • This made corking bottles a punishment in one episode
  • His name is a play on "Andrew Warhol".