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Appollonius was a Shadow Angel before he fell in love with Celiane. He was murdered by Scorpius, but his soul was grafted into the Aquarion, earning him the title of Solar Wing. In the first episode, he was the one who taught Apollo how to Union, and would sometimes help him pilot the Aquarion.


Apollonius has long, orange-coloured hair and red eyes. In the OVAs, he is seen in a green outfit similar to Apollo's.


Not much is know about Apollonius, however Apollo describes him as a "man with huge wings" with "hair looked like fire or something." He describes his eyes as "frightening and sad."


12,000 years prior to the original Aquarion series (24,000 before Aquarion EVOL), Apollonius was known as the Angel of Massacre who, alongside his twin brother and "Love" Toma, Harvested humans for their Prana to feed the Tree of Life and in turn the Shadow Angels. Though not much is know as to the events of this time, at some point humans lead a retaliation effort against the Angels for their own freedom. This revolt was lead by the royal family of that time, Prince Scorpius and Princess Celiane (in the original anime Scorpius is never mentioned but has his name erased from the Holy Book of Genesis). As the war went on, eventually Apollonius and Celiane would meet in battle (in the OVA Scorpius was overseeing the fight), at some point soon after they would fall in love, causing Apollonius to betray the Shadow Angels and join the side of the Humans along with his trusted and loved pet Pollon. Apollonius would go on the learn and study humans, including a trip to the beach with Celiane and to a withered farm with Scorpius (distinct memories for both royals in their later lives).

At an unknown point after, Apollonius was captured by the Shadow Angels, along with Celiane, pinned by his wings to a wall. Toma and Moroha were ordered to execute Apollonius and Celiane, at which point Toma bartered sparing Celiane's life for Apollonius's return. Celiane responded in disgust causing Moroha to attempt to kill her, but before he could strike Celiane with a blade-like appendage, Apollonius ripped himself off the wall, sacrificing his pinned wings to save her. Shocked by the shedding of his wings, the Shadow Angels took it as his ultimate disgrace and made the severed wings into a helmet (worn by Toma, though possibly out of his obsession rather than hatred). Later, Apollonius would forge the Mechanical Angel Aquarion with the humans and defeat the Shadow Angels and seal Atlandia. It is unknown how the war came to its end in detail, but the results tore Celiane's soul into two parts and merged part of Apollonius's soul with Aquarion whilst the other part was rebornScorpius and Pollon were also reborn. In the OVA, it is revealed that Scorpius, who longed for the power of the Angel Wings, stabbed Apollonius with his sword on seeing the destruction of Atlandia (where Scorpius thought he could gain wings), though this tormented him until his next life.

Aquarion's future diverges at this point. In the original anime and it's sequel, Aquarion was found and excavated by Gen Fudou and used to combat the Shadow Angels. Prior to the series beginning, wherein the OVA Aquarion was hidden under the forest Apollo was raised in with his grandfather and awakened when Toma attacked the forest.


Since he is a shadow angel he has many powers. He is shown to fly even without his wings, as stated by Apollo.

Celiane and Apollonius

Celiane and Apollonius with Pollon


His lover and partner, he was willing to betray his own kind to be with her, and even tore off his wings, which had been held to a post, to save her.


Pollon was his close companion, so devoted that he would join Apollonius in exile. In their subsequent reincarnations, they have remained allies, though their later relationships are never as close as their original.


Scorpius looked up to Apollonius and believed that the wings of the Shadow Angels could help mankind. Eventually, he would become jealous of Apollonius and desire wings for himself, leading him to murder Apollonius in a failed attempt to prevent Atlandia from being destroyed and ultimately causing the last Shadow Angel feathers to be lost to him.


Toma was Apollonius's old partner and twin soul. Toma fell in love with Apollonius and they promised to be together forever, until the Tree of Life starts to wither, and Apollonius meets Celiane, the two of them falling in love. In the end, he saved Celiane to make Apollonius come back to him, however he refused and stayed with Celiane and destroyed Atlandia with Aquarion.


  • Whilst initially Amata Sora was considered Apollonius's reincarnation due to his possessing the Wings of the Sun, it was revealed by Mykage in episode 26 of Aquarion EVOL that Gen Fudou (in this time appearing as Zen Fudo) was, in fact, Apollonius's reincarnation.
  • In episode 25 of Genesis of Aquarion, Toma revealed that he himself is Apollonius's twin.
  • The meaning behind "Apollonius" is "Follower of Apollo," with the meaning of "Apollo" itself being "Destruction." This makes Apollonius either "Follower of Destruction" or "He Who Destruction Follows," which matches his title of Angel of Death.