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Type F

Type F Aquaria

Type M

Type M Aquaria

The Aquaria (アクエリア Akueria) are formations the Vectors made before Amata Sora managed to remove the seal between them, preventing the unification between members of the opposite sex. Developed to both fight the Abductors and prevent the same disaster that befell the first time Aquarion EVOL was formed, the Aquarias had proven themselves strong against ordinary Abductor forces, but ineffective against commander-type units like the Mithra Gnis. Only two models of Aquaria were created, the Aquaria Type-M piloted only by male elements, and the female pilots-only Aquaria Type-F, both armed with semi-automatic rifles and missile launchers. The Aquarias are based on the form of Aquarion Gepard, which is said to be the form of Aquarion that requires the least energy to maintain, permitting the formation of it, even with the interference of Guize Stones.