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Aquarion Evol (アクエリオンEVOL, Akuerion Evoru) is one of the basic Aquarion forms featured in Aquarion EVOL. It's mainly piloted by Amata Sora for exclusive use.


Aquarion Evol is the result of the combination of Neo-DEAVA's Vectors with Vector Z as the head. It shares many similarities with the original series' Solar Aquarion as it is the most balanced form, can sport and manifest the Solar Wings, and fights barehanded. The weapon located on its head can be used as a long range weapon as seen in one episode whilst battling the Radius Gnis Heavy Armor. It is shown that Donar Dantes, together with two other Element Users whose names are unknown, were able to execute and use Aquarion EVOL eight years prior to the events of the first episode. However, it went berserk and caused a tragic disaster, and according to Zen Fudo, this occurred because Aquarion was being piloted by two Elements in love with each other, one being Donar.


Armaments & Attacks[]

  • Beam Cannon (ビーム砲 | Beam-Hou)

2 beam cannons are mounted on the nosecone section of each Vector Z, which doubles as Aquarion EVOL's head Beam Cannons.

  • Flying Love Attack (触愛・天翔突(フライング・ラブアタック))

Aquarion EVOL's first seen move, unlocked during its first battle when Amata was motivated by Mikono's words of encouragement and soft touch. Incorporating Amata's gravity manipulation power, EVOL grabs hold of its target and fly out into Earth's orbit to slam the opponent into an asteroid. The attack managed to heavily damage Kagura Demuri's Mithra Gnis, forcing the Abductor to retreat. In the anime, it is written in kanji as 触愛・天翔突 (Shokuai - Tenshoutotsu | Touch of Love - Heavenly Wings Charge).

  • Mugen Punch (無限拳(無限パンチ))

The legendary attack originally used by Solar Aquarion from the original series. Aquarion EVOL extends its forearms to indefinite lengths to strike down the enemy. It is capable of extending long enough to circle around the entire planet twice. In the anime, it is translated as Mugen Attack.

  • Subliminal Punch (幻影明滅拳(サブリナパンチ))

Incorporating Yunoha Thrul's Optical Transparency ability, Aquarion EVOL delivers a series of punches while remaining invisible, which renders light and beam-based attacks useless against it. The attack was used to defeat Radius Gnis and its all-range beam-reflecting weaponry. In the anime, it is written in kanji as 幻影明滅拳 (Genei Meimetsu Ken | Illusory Flickering Punch).

  • Absolute Clam (絶対封印(アブソリュート・クラム))

Utilizing Mix's "Spacial Compensation" ability, Aquarion EVOL makes a hand gesture of the right hand covering over the top hole of the left fist, generating energy spheres which fill in all of the gaps in the enemies' weapons and armor, causing them to implode. Used to destroy a trio of Common Gnis piloted by brainwashed subordinates of Jin Muso. In the anime, it is written in kanji as 絶対封印 (Zettai Fuuin | Absolute Sealing).

  • Super Dimensional Mugen Attack (超時空無限拳, Chōjikū Mugen Panchi): A Mugen Attack cutting through space and time to hit its opponent while its pilots have visions of events occurred in the original Aquarion series 12.000 years before.
  • Cluster Mugen Attack (無限芭蕉実拳): A multiplied version of the Mugen Attack performed with multiple Elements boarding each Vector at the same time with Aquarion Evol growing extra fists on its right arm.
  • All Together Attack: Aquarion Evol deploys a Mugen Punch with both hands spiralling together, infused with Zessica's distortion and Kagura's reverse abilities.

Special Features[]

  • Solar Wings (ソーラーウィング, Sōrā Wingu): It can manifest wings of sunlight on its back, formed from parts of Vector Y. Gives the unit to increase its battle performance and power by ten and give it incredible strength. Only when Amata (Apollo's incarnation) is the pilot should the element be activated.

Alternate Forms[]

Aquarion LOVE[]

Aquarion Love (アクエリオンLOVE, Akuerion Räbu) is the final form created by Amata and Mikono by infusing Vector Z (transformed into Aquarion EVOL's head part) into the Ancient AQ. Its tears of joy upon their reunion replenishes the supply of water of Vega and Altair, evaporated during Mikage's attempt to destroy both worlds.




  • This form is the EVOL equivalent to Solar Aquarion from the first series.