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This is, the forbidden union
―Series catchprase

Aquarion EVOL (アクエリオン EVOL, Akuerion EVOL) is a 2012 Japanese anime television series. It is the sequel to Genesis of Aquarion and premiered on TV Tokyo on January 8, 2012, as an hour-long special that combining the first two episodes in a single broadcast. A sequel titled Aquarion LOGOS, started airing in July 2015 along with a crossover OVA to celebrate the franchise's 10th anniversary. The series is licensed in the US by Funimation.

It has a manga adaption by Aogiri, and a novel adaptation written by Yasujiro Uchiyama and serialization by MF Bunko J.

Plot Summary[]

Twelve thousand years after the events of Genesis of Aquarion, mankind living on the planet Vega (ヴェーガ, Vēga) is threatened by a new enemy from the planet Altair (アルテア, Arutea) whose female population was wiped out by a mysterious disease. The Altians using their "Abductors", just like the Shadow Angels, invade the cities in Vega to kidnap its inhabitants looking for females strong enough to survive the inter-dimensional travel back to Altair to ensure the preservation of their race.

To defend against the invasion, the Neo-DEAVA (ネオ ディーバ, Neo Dība) organization establishes two teams, one composed of only males and other of only females, each one piloting their own giant machines called "Aquaria". To protect his new friend Mikono, teenager Amata Sora makes use of the power he has kept in secret his entire life and by combining Vectors with male and female pilots into one single robot; the legendary Aquarion is reborn once more.


Opening Themes[]

  • Kimi no Shinwa ~ Aquarion Dai Ni Shou (君の神話~アクエリオン第二章, Kimi no Shinwa ~ Akuerion Dai Ni Shō, Literally meaning "Your Legend ~ Aquarion Chapter 2") by AKINO with bless4
  • Paradoxical ZOO (パラドキシカル ZOO, Paradokishikaru ZOO) by AKINO with bless4 (ep. 16-)

Ending Themes[]

  • Gekkō Symphonia (月光シンフォニア, Gekkō Shinfonia, Literally meaning "Moonlight Symphonia") by AKINO & AIKI of bless4
  • Yunoha no Mori (ユノハノモリ, Yunoha's Forest) by Yui Ogura as Yunoha Thrul (ep. 15-)

As with the original series, Yoko Kanno composed the theme music and soundtracks. Gabriela Robin wrote the lyrics to both of the theme songs.

Insert Songs[]

  • Eve no Danpen (イヴの断片, Ivu no Danpen, Literally meaning "Fragment of the Eve") by AKINO from bless4 (ep. 4, 6, & 11)
  • Omna Magni (オムナ マグニ, Literally meaning "I Can Fly") by Yui Makino (ep.7)
  • Go Tight! by AKINO from bless4 (ep. 8)
  • Pride ~Nageki no Tabi~ (プライド〜嘆きの旅, Puraido ~ Nageki no Tabi, Literally meaning "Pride, A Journey of Grief") by AKINO from bless4 (ep. 10)
  • Aquaria Mau Sora (アクエリア舞う空, Akueria Mau Sora, Literally meaning "Aquaria Dancing in the Sky") by The Member of LSOT (ep. 12)
  • Kouya no Heath (荒野のヒース, Kōya no Hīsu, Literally meaning "Heath of the Wastelands") by AKINO from bless4 (ep. 13)
  • Genesis of Aquarion (創聖のアクエリオン, Sōsei no Akuerion) By AKINO, with English lyrics by Bless4 (ep. 14)


  • The series is set 24,000 years from when the Shadow Angels fought in Genesis of Aquarion.

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