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The End-holding Mythology (終末を抱いた神話, Owari o Idaita Shinwa) is the first episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime.

It first aired on January 14, 2012 as part of a 1-hour special alongside EVOL Episode 2 titled as The Mythical Forbidden Union that Embraces the End Special (Owari o Idaita Shinwateki Kinjirareta Gattai Supesharu, 終末を抱いた神話的禁じられた合体スペシャル).


Amata Sora is a loner who spends his time in the movie theater, watching the movie "Skies of Aquaria", over and over again. One day he notices a girl named Mikono Suzushiro and invites her to a date. As Mikono accepts his invitation to his joy, Amata asks her to wait for him in the outside while he fills his shoes with weights, so he couldn't fly. While on a date, Amata and Mikono discuss about the last attack of the Abductors.

Meanwhile, unknown to everyone, the Abductors, later revealed to be from planet Altair, are preparing an attack on Vega, commanded by Kagura Demuri.

While Amata leaves Mikono waiting for him at the top of the tower where the statue of Apolonius and Seliane is, so he could fill his shoes with more weights as he becomes more excited about being with Mikono, the Abductors have arrived and proceed abducting people (later revealed in episode 8, only females). Amata arrives to protect Mikono. The Aquarias, at first the M-Model, piloted by Cayenne (with Andy and Malloy Direzza) and next the F-model, piloted by Zessica (along with MIX and Sazanka Bianca), arrive. But since it's their first battle, the groups begin to argue (mostly because of Cayenne and MIX), they're unmatched for the Abductors when Kagura steps into battle. While sucked into a vortex the Aquarias come close, but because of the seal that prevents the unification between male and female they are thrown apart.

During the battle, the Abductors destroy the statue, and the pieces are about to crush Mikono, but Amata saves her and they both get stuck under the ruins. Meanwhile Kagura senses Mikono, states that he finally "found his wench", and prepares to take her, but the Aquaria piloted by Cayenne hinders him. Afterwards the Abductors, mostly Kagura, defeat the Aquarias and split them into Vectors. Mikono is worried that Amata is hurt, but he assures her that "he would rather let his body get hurt instead of his heart" and he removes the weights from his shoes and provokes his powers to "take off" with her; they enter Vector Z together by using the "Solar Wings", as noted by Kagura. While inside he hears the voice of Fudo Zen, telling him to remove the Seal of Aquaria and summon the true name of Aquarion. As he does so, Amata combines the Vectors with Zessica and Cayenne, destroys the seal and awakes Aquarion Evol.

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