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One-Eyed Transfer Student is the tenth episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on March 4, 2012.


While playing the piano, Shrade noticed the sound being somewhat impure, hinting that something bad will happen. At the same time, Jin enrolls into the academy under the alias "Akbarjin Batbayar". In truth, it is revealed that he used the information of one transfer student to get into the academy. He is then guided by Cayenne around the academy and introduced to Neo-DEAVA and the Aquarion. Jin contacts Izumo and informs about his survival and the infiltration of the academy. Izumo later orders him to take one of the Vectors, while analyzing the Reaiglers and bringing back with him at least one of them. At first Jin finds it difficult to get used to the environment since he's around girls for the first time, which results in him getting into various incidents such as: seeing MIX burying Andy into his own hole, Suomi accidentally taking Dantes' left hand, and getting in the girl's way into the cafeteria. He even walks into the girl's locker room unintentionally, but luckily he was defended by Yunoha before being beaten up by the girls.

Becoming Amata and Andy's roommate, they prefer to call him "Jin", much to his worry. As Jin finds it difficult to get used to girls, he was always noticed by Yunoha. Meanwhile, when Amata and Mikono took a seat with her, Yunoha manages to apologize to them for what happened in episode 7, and reveals her story: when she became transfer student, it was difficult for her to open up to everyone. As a result, she became lonely. She thought that it would be better if nobody saw her and so she became invisible. Now Yunoha states that she believes Jin feels the same way, much to his surprise. Cayenne and Shrade have a conversation about their problems. Cayenne is bothered by a nightmare about a one-eyed monster in a form of a giant robot, and he states that if he knew what the nightmare was truly about, it wouldn't bother him as much.

Shrade states that a noise came into the academy a few days ago that might have a connection to the disappeared Abductor's pilot from episode 8, which catches Cayenne's attention, making him suspect that Jin is the Abductor's pilot and the One-Eyed Monster. Meanwhile, Jin is still trying to get used to girls, first by reading textbooks on them in the library, though it sort of disgusts them that he's doing so. While he's there, he comes across Yunoha. When he comments that being invisible would allow him to be left alone, Yunoha disagrees with his theory and starts to cry, which leaves Jin's guard down.

While analyzing the data of all the girls of the academy he spots Yunoha and realizes that she's the "dangerous one" who helped Amata to defeat him in episode 7. After sending the data to Izumo, he orders Jin to find this "dangerous one" and bring her back to Altair. Reluctant at first, Jin gives in and attempts to follow Izumo's order. With the help of Andy and Amata, Jin enters the Girl's dorm area and finds Yunoha's room so he could take her, even though his roommates believed that he only wanted to converse with Yunoha regularly. However Jin was being spied by Cayenne so that he could question Jin. When Cayenne saw Jin in the girl's dorm area, he suspected him of being the enemy and attempts to kill him with a gun.

As Amata, Andy and Yunoha try to stop Cayenne, he fires a shot that is aimed at both Yunoha and Jin, but the bullet is blocked by Jin's newly-found Element power - power to isolate - which is in a form of a barrier. After the shot, Yunoha faints and makes Jin worried. Both Shrade and Fudō notice that the noise is still present, but the noise continues to change ever so slightly.

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