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Call of the Wild is the eleventh episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on March 11, 2012.


One day, after hearing an annoying to Izumo roar, he visits Alicia's chamber again and remembers that battle from episode 1, wondering if it could be "he". Then all of a sudden, Mikage visits him again, demanding to know, who is "he". When Izumo can't respond to the question, Mikage gives an answer him self - "he's [Amata] the pilot of the Machine Angel, who unsealed the forbidden Union. A young boy who resembles our sleeping Eve [Alicia]." Mikage recalls the situation of Altair - after losing all the women, they began looking for Rear Iglers - candidates for bearing the future of Altair, and Alicia became the candidate, but after the dimensional travel, she fell into a deathlike sleep and hasn't awakened since.

Mikage adds that during her time on Vega she gave birth to a child and left it behind when she was taken to Altair, hinting that she's Amata's mother later confirmed in episode 12. When he was going to get rid of Alicia, Izumo stood up to defend her. After Mikage left he started to torment Kagura, awakening the memories of Apollo and Sylvie's love in him, freeing him from the cage and turning him into a beast, allowing him to go to his machine. Mikage also revealed that he doesn't care about the revival of Altair, he wants the revival of the original Aquarion from the original series. Back at the academy, Cayenne and Jin are locked up for what happened the other night. When Cayenne states his distrust to him, Jin wonders what was that power for that night. When he's released while Cayenne is still locked up, Jin is visited by Yunoha, much to his embarrassment.

When Dantes reports to Crea and Fudō about Jin's fake personality, the still thing that Jin is needed to them. While talking about Jin in the cafeteria, Amata and Mikono urge to tell each other about their feelings and about Kagura, but to shy to talk about it. When Andy, MIX and Zessica come, they notice the mood between the 2 and Zessica interrupts them by remembering her forgotten juice and ruins the moment. Back on Altair, Kagura manages to get his unit, and Izumo orders to not to let him go to Vega, and at the same time Fudō states that the time has come. Meanwhile, while MIX tries to talk sense into Zessica who doesn't pays much attention to, Andy convinces Amata to talk to Mikono before someone like Kagura will take her away, which he does so.

Meanwhile Kagura wreaks havoc on Altair, demanding him to let him go to Vega, while the Altarian forces try to hold him off. Meanwhile Zessica wonders what Mikono has that attracts Amata's attention. Then she sees the image of Kagura and Mikono in a form of Apollo and Sylvie in the mirror. At the same time Kagura has the same vision in his eye. He almost got defeated, but a power sleeping within him awakens and he gains wings like Amata, allowing to realize that he is Apollo. At the same time when Amata was going to confess to Mikono while she was looking at the pond, she sees Kagura instead of Amata's reflection much to their worry. As Kagura gains his wings, Mikage finally opens the gate to Vega, allowing Kagura to pass.

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