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Skies of Aquaria is the twelfth episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on March 18, 2012.


While Jin is having lunch and being interrupted Sazanka and other girls, Yunoha notices that he is having success with girls. Meanwhile, Andy is disappointed that Amata failed to confess to Mikono, so Andy decides to help him out by inviting him and Mikono to the boys' dorm in order to make plans for the upcoming anniversary of the Saint Angels academy, but Amata makes it worse by inviting Zessica along. Despite Jin's protests, Andy invites him to the meeting so he could know girls better before making a Union. Yunoha also joins in when Mikono and Zessica go through the tunnel that Andy made. Matters get even worse when Cayenne and Shrade join in after their conversation about Jin. When they enter Amata & Andy's room, Zessica begins to look around Amata's bed and finds a photo of Alicia.

When Amata states that he's a fan of hers, Yunoha points out that Jin is also her fan and asks him to show everyone the device that plays Alicia's song, to which he reluctantly does so. By hearing the song, Andy comes up with the idea of holding a movie "Skies of Aquaria" for the anniversary party, much to MIX and Dantes' charging. While everyone is preparing for the movie, Jin unsuccessfully tries to make contact with Izumo, which Yunoha hears him. When Jin tries to make Yunoha to answer, he tries to catch her which breaks her doll, much to his horror. While Amata prepares the movie projector, Mikono remembers how they both met which led to their life in the academy.

Amata apologizes to her for bringing her into danger to which she denies. When Mikono tells the phrase - "Everyone has wings to fly beyond their destiny" - the phrase Alicia said in the movie, Amata reveals that his mother is Alicia herself! He tells that Alicia flew away beyond her destiny, went away and abandoned him, as she never wanted him and all he could do is to watch her. Mikono disagreed with Amata and told him that she was like him, that Cayenne did everything for her and she was useless for being powerless in the Suzushiro family and he left her behind. Mikono adds that everyone is wanted by someone, that someone somewhere is waiting for them, which makes Amata happy again. Amata proposes her to find a special place for both of them during the movie "with his wings that go beyond destiny" much to his embarrassment that makes Mikono laugh.

When Zessica notices Mikono and Amata together, she becomes so jealous that she breaks the light pole. Meanwhile, Jin determines to apologize to Yunoha while fixing her doll. At the same time Mikage is impressed that Jin is going through changes - "The Road of Love" in his case. Jin manages to fix Yunoha's doll and apologize to her. He is relieved that she didn't heard anything. Yunoha convinces him to watch the movie with her, to which she does. That night Mikage manages to take Jin's device and place it on a bench where Yunoha and Jin promised to meet, for Yunoha to pick it up. She notices that his device was receiving a call right before he came and she pretended that nothing happened.

After Shrade's piano performance, the movie starts with everyone enjoying it and many things happening unknowingly to anyone: Yunoha is afraid to give Jin back his device, Jin looks at her eyes, Zessica watches the movie alone and Amata manages to take Mikono's hand before flying up with her in his arms while looking into each others eyes. However the movie is interrupted by the Abductor threat alarm. By seeing the Abductor unit, Amata and Jin recognize that it's Kagura. Jin takes the advantage of Kagura's attack to take Yunoha with him.

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