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Fallen Giant is the thirteenth episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on March 25, 2012.


Amata, Mikono and Zessica form Aquarion Evol to battle the Mithra Gnis, but Kagura manages to turn back the Infinity Punch against them. Fudou explains that it occurs due to Kagura's own element power that allows him to revert the laws of nature. Meanwhile, Jin hijacks one of the spare vectors taking Yunoha with him. Yunoha tries to dissuade Jin without success and an image of Mikage appears before Fudou demanding him to reveal the location of the original Aquarion.

Donar recognizes Mikage as the man who attacked him 8 years before and fires against him, forcing him to retreat. Having defeated Aquarion, Kagura grabs Mikono but Amata snatches her from him. Kagura decides to kill Amata by reversing the flow of blood into his body, but Andy and MIX appear to stop him in time.

Instead of returning to Altair with Yunoha as planned, Jin has a change of heart and turns back to help the other students, convincing Cayenne and Zessica to form Aquarion Gepard with him while Schrade, Amata and Mikono form Aquarion Spada. With Gepard's new attack, the Dimension Shutting Cannon, Jin and Yunoha close the dimensional gate powering the Mithra Gnis allowing Schrade to cleave it in two, but not before Kagura is rescued by Mikage, who also uses his powers to kill Jin for his treason, much to Yunoha's despair.

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