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Separate Paths is the fourteenth episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on April 1, 2012.


The students of Neo-DEAVA attend the funeral of Jin and the other classmates who were killed in the last battle, except for Yunoha, who sheltered herself into her room in grief. Meanwhile at Altair, Mikage informs the people about Jin's death, stating that his sacrifice will not be in vain. When confronted by Izumo about his reasons for killing Jin, Mikage claims that it is all part of his plan to save the people of Altair. Fudou asks Mikono to fetch Yunoha, as with her invisibility power out of control, she is risking her very existence to be erased.

After the late students' bodies are buried, Crea reveals to the elements about the existence of Altair and their intention to kidnap female elements from Vega. Fudou orders Andy to dig holes for him and his companions to be buried too as part of a special training for the pilots to improve themselves by passing through a near-death experience. Mikono is the only one who refuses to take part in the training, but Fudou does not complain with her decision. Meanwhile at Altair, Mikage, witnessing the scene, does the same to Kagura against his will.

As the time passes, the buried students get more and more desperate while facing their own fears and some even lose the will to live, specially Yunoha, who'd rather stay buried beside Jin. Soon enough their powers start going haywire. Just when Mikono feels Yunoha's life growing faint, she too gets desperate and unwillingly activates her own element power, connecting together her mind and those of the buried elements. After Yunoha hears Jin's voice asking her to keep on living, all elements emerge from the ground with their spirits renewed, but their celebration is cut short when Kagura also rises from the ground in front of them.

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