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Beasts of Love is the fifteenth episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on April 8, 2012.


When Kagura appears before the elements, Fudo leaves the scene with Crea, while Malloy and Sazanka escape with Mikono by car. Kagura defeats the students who stand in his way, eventually intercepting the car and fleeing with Mikono to the city. Finally alone with Mikono, Kagura keeps insulting and threatening her, much to her fear until she figures that just like his reversing powers, Kagura also speaks in reverse. Meanwhile Amata and Zessica search for Mikono together, and jealous over Amata's anxiety to rescue her, she confesses to him that Kagura and Mikono may be the reincarnations of Apollon and Sylvie respectively, thus they are destined to each other. Kagura also reveals it to Mikono, whom he insists to call "Sylvie".

Kagura tries to contact Mikage asking for help but he refuses to comply and uses his powers to lead Amata to him instead. Determined to rescue Mikono, Amata confronts Kagura just to be severely beaten by him, until he remembers his underground training and frees himself of all attachments, unlocking his newest ability Detachment Wings, rendering Kagura's reversing power useless. Kagura is shot by Cayenne and launches himself on him until falling wounded on the ground. Amata picks the weapon and just when he is about to put down Kagura, Mikono stands between both asking Amata to spare him. Kagura gets unconscious due to the blood loss, but is once again rescued by Mikage.

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