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Confessions from the Soul is the sixteenth episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on April 15, 2012.


Mikono wonders about her previous encounter with Kagura, while Yunoha pays a visit to cheer her up. Mikono confesses to her that Kagura may not be a bad person at all as he is the only one after her that her pet Shushu does not get angry at, while it gets furious near Amata. Amata hears their conversation and decides to find a way to have Shushu like him too. After buying some presents to Shushu, Amata meets Zessica who wants to apologize for what she said previously to him about Mikono and Kagura, but she did not have the courage to do so. Meanwhile at Altair, the machine created to support the planet, developed by Izumo's mother is giving signs of failure, causing disasters throughout its surface.

Fudou decides to organize a mock battle between both Aquarion, despite being warned about its risks, on an abandoned island. Cayenne, Malloy and Sazanka are chosen to participate in the battle piloting Aquarion Gepard against Amata, Mikono and Zessica piloting Aquarion Evol. Since the beginning, the battle becomes one sided as not only Cayenne can easily target his opponent with Gepard's weapons and his clairvoyance, but Malloy's "Power of Curse" collapses all buildings Amata tries to use as cover. The situation gets worse when Sazanka uses her "Power of Corrosion", rusting Aquarion Evol's legs. Amata keeps wondering if just as Cayenne claims to have already foretold his victory, his love for Mikono is foretold to be unrequited, if Mikono and Kagura are really destined to each other as suspected, but he refuses to give up to fate, and after Zessica apologizes to him for what she said, she confesses her love for him.

Zessica's unrequited love triggers a reaction that unlocks Aquarion Evol's ability Super Dimensional Infinity Attack, with the Infinity Attack traveling through time and space while Amata, Mikono and Zessica are showed images of Apollo, Sylvia and the events that occurred 12.000 years before, before it connects on Aquarion Gepard, destroying the entire island, although both Aquarion and their pilots resisted the explosion. The images of the past make Amata even more suspicious about Kagura being the reincarnation of Apollo, due to their similar behavior and appearance, while Mikono believes she has met Touma before, but does not remember from where or when.

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