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Rise Up, Life. is the seventeenth episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on April 22, 2012.


Amata watches Mikono from afar wondering if he may actually win against fate to be with her. Zessica passes through him and he tries to talk to her about the confession she made to him during the mock battle. Mikono watches them together and leaves in anger much to Amata's dismay. Later, the elements are summoned by Fudo to take part in a top secret mission. Taking three vectors and a crate of bananas, they are instructed to enjoy themselves beside a lake while waiting for further orders. While Mikono and Zessica set themselves apart from the others, Andy finds himself a chance to confess his feelings to Mix, but he ends up stumbling with his words, creating a misunderstanding that brings forth her fury on him and leaving him sitting hopeless on the floor, unwillingly digging up an endless hole with his powers. When a dimensional gate opens, a giant creature passes though it, creating a blizzard that strikes the entire area.

Cayenne, Amata and Sazanka form Aquarion Gepard to confront it while Mikono and Zessica shelter themselves in a cave and the others seek refuge in the hole dug by Andy. Andy keeps digging unconsciously until he reaches some ruins and several streams of hot water emerge, pushing several other elements inside the Aquarion. The hot water mixed with the bananas refreshed the pilots who were freezing because of the blizzard and together they form Aquarion Evol to perform the Cluster Mugen Attack technique, firing several Infinity Punches at once that crush the enemy. Mikage claims he had found a piece of the Original Aquarion, but its most important part lies elsewhere. In the following day, Zessica is seen wearing a different outfit than usual, and urges Mikono to not worry about her feelings for Amata, as she knows they are unrequited.

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