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First Reunion is the nineteen episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on May 6, 2012.


Fudo still has not returned from his travel, and despite not knowing his whereabouts, Mikono leaves the academy to look for him. Meanwhile Mikage appears before Zessica as a "projection" and puts her under his influence by placing a special seal upon her forehead, saying that because he understands how it feels like to not be the "chosen one", he will "help" her. Suddenly, a dimensional gate appears, and a team of elements is assembled: Amata, Zessica, Yunoha, Andy and Shrade (He forcefully replaced Cayenne). They are to pass through the gate and infiltrate Altair, in an attempt to rescue Mix.

After infiltrating the first layer of Altair, the five enter the city, knowing of nothing of the sad world. They finally notice how the world is filled with only men, but they do not stop. They get to the main base where Mix is expected to be imprisoned in, but due to Andy's hasty actions, security has already detected them. After taking hostage one of the guards to use as a guide, Zessica, Yunoha and Shrade volunteer to be decoys while Amata, Andy and the hostage proceed to rescue Mix. But the partners are soon at a dead end after being tricked by the hostage's words. Andy becomes a decoy so that Amata can escape. Andy is captured, and while escaping, Amata stumbles into a room where his mother is held in.

Meanwhile, the guard who was taken hostage, removes "his" helmet to release a familiar hair-style....

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