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The Forbidden Union (禁じられた合体, Kinjirareta Gattai) is the second episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime.

It first aired on January 14, 2012 as part of a 1-hour special alongside EVOL Episode 1 titled as The Mythical Forbidden Union that Embraces the End Special (Owari o Idaita Shinwateki Kinjirareta Gattai Supesharu, 終末を抱いた神話的禁じられた合体スペシャル).


The following in italic are extra scenes in the individual episodes. At the Neo-DEAVA academy, a school divided into an all-boy dorm and an all-girl dorm by the "Berlin" wall, an all-girl dorm student Zessica Wong compliments how a girl-only union is boring and suggests that a union with boys would be much better, however her strict classmate MIX and her teacher Suomi Konepi scold and lecture her on how it is impure. And on the other side of the wall, a male student Andy W. Hole comments how he wants to see the girls, but his instructor, professor Donar Dantes, reminds him the "hard way" that the union with girls is forbidden. At the same time, another all-boy dorm student, Mikono's older brother Cayenne Suzushiro keeps having visions about his sister dying. Suddenly a red alert was signaled of Abductors in Crest Area, and all the boys sortie to their battle formations with Cayenne, Andy and Malloy deploying in the Vectors X, Y and Z.

Following Amata and Mikono's boarding into the Vector, everybody was astonished of Aquarion EVOL's appearance much to the shock of those in Neo-DEAVA's command centre. At first Amata has a hard time piloting the Aquarion, but with the help of Zessica he defeats two Abductors in one blow. As the battle goes on, Cayenne has another vision of the "Wedding in the Mourning clothes", this time also seen by Amata, Zessica, the Neo-DEAVA command and Mikono, who is terrified by it. Then Kagura attacks the Aquarion, trying to open it by force to take Mikono. As Cayenne blames Amata for bringing Mikono with him into the battle, Amata admits that it's all his fault, that because in his childhood, people feared him because of his powers which forced him to shun it for years until now, that all he wanted was to protect Mikono.

Touched by Amata's revelation, Mikono helps him to regain his confidence and launches the Flying Love Attack, having Cayenne and Zessica going along at Kagura, approaching the orbit and blowing him at an asteroid. As Kagura prepares to attack again, the high commander of Altair - Izumo Kamurogi - commands him to return at once and Kagura reluctantly does so. Exhausted from the battle, Amata faints, the union breaks into Vectors and lands on earth. Back on land Cayenne and Zessica are contacted and ordered by the Neo-DEAVA to return with Amata and Mikono. At first Cayenne refuses to bring Mikono, but the command center persuade him to to so, while the unconscious Amata states to himself that he found someone to protect. Back on Altair, during a chat with Jin, Kagura states finally to have "found his wench".

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