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Kiss is the twentieth-first episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on May 20 2012.


Amata's team returns from Altair after failing to save Mix. Even though the girls in the team have recovered from the "curse of Altair", Shrade's condition gets worse. Meanwhile Mikono and Fudo keep traveling together in search of the Legendary Aquarion. After having a nightmare involving Mikono and Kagura, Amata flees to the town where he first met Mikono to search for her. But the town is deserted, due to the recent Abductor attacks. Somewhere within this town, Kagura is walking around, as he was teleported there by Mikage, with hidden reasons. Zessica and Cayenne are ordered to bring Amata back to the base, and during this task, Zessica is able to confront Amata face-to-face. In the theater where Amata met Mikono for the first time, Zessica is about to tell Amata something important, only to be interrupted by an unknown Abductors attack which smashes the roof open.

Zessica and Amata flees the theater, but when the Abductor causes many large pieces of rubble to fall upon them during their escape, Zessica sacrifices herself to protect Amata. With large pieces of rubble upon her legs, making it impossible for her to move, Amata attempts to lift the rocks, but the task is too much for him. Behind them, the Abductor is about to take a swing with a sword towards them. Knowing that it's not possible, Zessica tells him to run, but he heroically tells her that he would never leave her behind. Touched by such words, Zessica thanks Amata, thereafter giving him a kiss to the lips. This causes Amata to unintentionally fly up from the emotional outburst of Zessica's love, but he tries to hold onto Zessica's hand. Though painful for her to do, Zessica sends him off, while the Abductor swings and devastates the area where Zessica is, while Amata flies safely out of the zone. After Cayenne and other Elements arrive and press back the Abductor, Amata flies back to see if Zessica is fine. Before reaching the location, Amata and Kagura meet again, and both finally remember the connection between each other.

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