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Wings of Rebirth is the twenty-second episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on May 27, 2012.


Amata learns from Kagura how they, who once were one and the same, were separated into two different beings. When Amata's mother flew up into the sky years ago, Mikage used this chance to split Amata into "Amata" and "Dark Amata", the more ambitious and fierce side of Amata. While Amata hopelessly stayed behind, "Dark Amata" went after his mother. Reaching Altair, "Dark Amata" had his memories erased by Mikage, who renamed "Dark Amata" into "Kagura". Mikage took in this boy and raised him on Altair.

Zen Fudo senses that the Legendary Aquarion is about to awake, and when it does, he and Mikono are taken into the ground. Mikono is transported back to the city where Amata and Kagura are currently in, while Zen returned to the Neo-Deava. While Amata and Kagura have a vicious fight in front of Mikono, the sealed Legendary Aquarion also unearths and reveals itself.

Zessica, under all the rubble, believes she's dead, and envisions herself in a barren field. Amata shows up and tells her that she is his precious one, but when Zessica embraces back, the Amata changes into Mikage, who tells her that she still needs to fulfill her promise. Zessica wakes and pushes away all the rubble with her Element power. She looks around and sees that Amata and Kagura fighting on the rooftop nearby.

Shrade pushes his life to the limit to confront the blade-wielding Abductor, but when he faints mid-fight, Mikage uses this chance to command the Abductor to steal the sealed Legendary Aquarion and bring it back to Altair. Kagura is able to take Mikono and bring her back through a portal. Before this portal closes, Shrade, Amata and Zessica fly off into the portal and chases after to bring back both the Legendary Aquarion and Mikono.

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