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Melody of Legends is the twenty-third episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on June 3, 2012.


After Zessica, Amata and Shrade entered the time-gate on the vectors, they struggle to pass through due to the rifts of space and time. In response, even though his body is slowly breaking apart, Shrade calls the two others to form Aquarion one last time, so that their travel will be fully successful. Zessica and Amata were at first in disagreement, but they form the Aquarion Spada. Shrade at the lead, he takes out the Aquarion's sword and thrusts it out, and the sword takes the form of a tuning fork. He explains that using this "fork", he can let them all hear the melody of time.

Back at Neo-Deava, Zen Fudo starts story-telling about the Legend of Aquarion. Using his hidden right eye, he is able to cast an illusion upon the main crew of Elements, along with Suomi and Donar. Crea accompanies the story-telling along with Zen, and they start from 24,000 years ago, when the Fallen Angels first attacked. Meanwhile, Amata, Zessica and Shrade are able to see the same story being told by the melody of time.

24,000 years ago, a Fallen Angel by the name Apollonius fell in love with a girl of the human enemies: Celiane. Convinced to save the humans, Apollonius uses his Golden Aquarion to stop the Fallen Angel, especially their leader Toma. But Apollonius had a pet dog, Pollon, who dearly loved Celiane. The dog loved her so much that he asked the Heavens to make him a lover with Celiane in the future. This dog's wish was fulfilled, as his spirit became Apollo's spirit 12,000 years later. Apollo came into contact with the spirit of Celiane 12,000 later, Silvia. Toma was still alive and wished to bring upon his hate to the humans again. But when the world was about to fall apart, Apollo (Pollon) and Silvia had to part when Apollo, along with Toma and another person, sacrificed himself to the Golden Aquarion to save their world from destruction.

Now, another 12,000, years later, in the present day, the spirit of Pollon/Apollon was passed down now to Alicia, who gave birth to Amata. Amata, as the new Apollon, was split by Mikage, the reincarnation of Toma who was displeased with the new world. The split created the current Amata and Kagura. On the other hand, they knew Celiane/Silvia is Mikono. Zen explained to everyone that they are the new generation who will fulfill this ongoing legend, along with the fact that the future is still a blank page for them to write upon.

In acceptance, Shrade pulled his full power into shaking the rift of time so that they could get through. He understood that his time was pretty much up, and that he wanted to play a final piece in thanks to his friends. After using his Element powers to tune up the tuning-fork sword and breaking through the rift, the Aquarion disbanded, leaving Shrade's vector behind. Though regretful, Amata and Zessica fly on ahead as Shrade's existence disappears into time and space.

Kagura, upon his arrival, is attacked by his fellow Altairians due to disobeying orders. As he escapes and hide, Amata and Zessica finally crash-land on Altair. Zessica searches for Amata's vector but is surprisingly met by Mikage. Before she could escape, Mikage steals a kiss from her and takes over her body, in fulfillment of their "promise". As Kagura is in hiding, he asks if Mikono is fine. She complies that she is finally able to apologize. They are then surrounded by Izumo's men, but "Zessica" comes in, telling Kagura to call the Legendary Golden Aquarion, as "she" claims that he is the only one able to call it. Kagura calls out the Aquarion's name, and it indeed responds and activates, sucking in "Zessica", Kagura and Mikono inside itself. All of Mikage's plans are going smoothly...