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Ephemera is the twenty-fourth episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on June 10, 2012.


Kagura, Mikono and Mikage (who is actually posing as Zessica by taking over her body) ride the legendary Solar Aquarion and fight off Izumo and his men. When Kagura unlocks an incredible power beam that wipes out almost all of Izumo's men, Izumo heads straight on and take the fight to the highest seriousness possible. MIXY joins the fight, making it difficult for the Solar Aquarion.

At Neo Deava, by the orders of Zen Fudo, Cayenne, Andy and Malloy rides the second set of vectors in order to reach Altair, using a time hole created by Andy's Element ability. They form Aquarion Gepard and head straight on towards Altair.

Amata had crash landed on the planet, but hears the voice of his mother, Alicia. When he comes near a white structure, that is surrounded by fertile grasslands and streams, he is instantly transferred into that structure, only to be in a room where his is in a life-support system. Alicia starts to tell the tale of Izumo, who is Amata's true father, and how she decided to go to Altair to save his world. But, as seen, she could not fulfill this role.

Aquarion Gepard finally reaches through the dimensions and reach Altair, only to see the Solar Aquarion and Izumo & MIXY fighting. The fight becomes three-way, which does not please Mikage. Using a special laser from the shoulder of Solar Aquarion, Mikage is able to make Kagura press forward and shoot directly at the white structure Alicia is within. The structure collapses and destroys the life-support system, ultimately killing Alicia along with it. Izumo is shaken by this and attempts to rush towards the structure. Using this chance, Kagura fires the powerful beam at the turned-back of Izumo Abductor, which leads to Izumo's fall.

On land, Amata saw Izumo's fall and heads to the crash location. Izumo is barely alive, with injuries that will soon end his life. Amata supports him and brings him towards Alicia's place, but he dies mid-way.