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Shards of Adam is the twenty-fifth episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on June 17, 2012.


After finding the "peace" that he once lost, Amata yet again lost the "peace" again due to his parent's death. With rage and suffering boiling inside himself, Amata places all the blame on Kagura, who unknown to Amata unintentionally killed Alicia and Izumo. Amata then flies off in search of his other self. Somewhere else, for reason unexplained, the Solar Aquarion has broken into its three vectors and crashed-landed in different locations. Kagura wakes from being unconscious, and is worried about "Sylvia's" well being. He too flies off, but is intervened by Amata.

As Amata's vector flies closer to Kagura's vector, Kagura sees a "reaper" rising from Amata's vector. He then hears Amata's voice, asking if Kagura is saying he's the reaper. Amata states that the only reaper is Kagura. From all of his anger, Amata's vector changes into the upper-torso of the Aquarion EVOL form and attacks Kagura's vector. Kagura questions why he can hear Amata's voice, and Amata explains that it is because they were once one body.