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LOVE is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on June 24, 2012.


With the accursed Shadow Genesis Aquarion in the control of Mikage, Amata was to face a battle that has the fate of the world in his hands. Amata, with Yunoha and Cayenne, rode the Aquarion EVOL, striking first with an Infinite Punch. Before the attack reached the Shadow Aquarion, it was stopped by a large palm, which stretched from the Shadow Aquarion's back. The pilots of the Aquarion EVOL wondered if this block was the Shadow Aquarion's version of the Infinite Punch. But they were a bit off in the fact that it was a stronger technique by the name of Infinite Palm of Buddha, where the hands of the Infinite Punch came first, followed by the construction of the rest of the arm. Defying the laws of cause & effect, the power was indeed closer to what is the power of a god. Four hands appeared and grasped each of the limbs of Aquarion EVOL and started to electric-shock it.

Kagura woke up in a labyrinth of stairs. He looked around, only to see a glass-painting of Mikono upon one of the far walls. He went up stairs after stairs to reach the painting, but no matter how hard he tried, he never reached it. soon enough the stairs collapsed and he fell into the darkness, landing in a deserted land of the night. When he looked around this time, he saw a weeping Zessica ensnared in the teeth of a large carnivorous plant. Kagura asks where they are, and she answers that they are in the labyrinth of Mikage's mind. Saddened by the fact that the Union of the Shadow Aquarion is saddening Amata, Zessica asked Kagura to kill her so that Mikage would lose control of the Aquarion due to losing his host.

She believed this is what she deserved for being an idiot who can't think of stopping the Shadow Aquarion. She knew that Amata would be happy with Mikono only, and she doesn't want to suffer by losing Mikono. As Kagura started to choke Zessica, the electrocution of the Aquarion EVOL seized due to the weakening of Zessica's soul, which also interfered with Mikage's influence over her body. But, Kagura stopped choking her, telling her that she doesn't deserve to die for the sake of Amata. Upset by the disruption of his plan, Mikage ejects both Kagura and Zessica out of the Shadow Aquarion, believing that these "wingless" are not necessary.