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Excitement Index ☆ Sudden Rise is the third episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on January 15, 2012.


When Amata wakes up in the all-boy dorm of Neo-DEAVA, he is first toured around and then questioned about Mikono by Cayenne. The conversation is interrupted by Donar Dantes, by stating that Amata will be going through an examination before piloting the Aquarion. Amata becomes depressed as he is forbidden to see Mikono. At the same time in the all-girl dorm, the girls discuss with Zessica about the union with the boys until being interrupted by MIX so she could question Mikono.

But Mikono declines the conversation, refusing to give any answers. At the end of the day, both Amata and Mikono feel the urge to see each other. When the who hear piano music which leads them to the wall, Amata meets Andy who is digging a hole to the girls dorm and he decides to help him along. When they finally come out of the bottom, they have a spot beneath Mikono's skirt, who is standing next to the hole. Amata, freaked out by the sight, flies up into Mikono's skirt.

This causes her to become mad at him. On the next day Amata, Andy and Cayenne are picked up for a Mock battle. Amata can't forget what happened that night, and at the same Mikono is still mad at Amata. During the Mock Battle, Amata can't make the union because he feels depressed, but then he regains his confidence when he hears that the mock battles are watched by the girls and makes the union to form Aquarion Gepard. When everyone was expecting for Amata to make an attack, he makes a move called DOGEZA orz, by flying up into the sky and diving, causing a powerful impact, which turns to be a bow of apology, as noted by Donar Dantes.

While nobody knows what was going on before, Mikono figures out that Amata performed it to her as a token of apology and forgives him. Meanwhile on Altair, Jin prepares for battle with the Vegans, while Kagura stays with Mikage in his glass coffin.

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