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Wall ~conquer oneself~ is the fourth episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on January 22, 2012.


In a discussion between Suomi Konepi and Donar Dantes about not finding any Element Power in Mikono and sending back home, Suomi questions Donar about an "Aquarion Incident", but he declines the conversation about it. While Amata wonders if Mikono figured about his performance in the Mock Battle, he finds Andy saddened an frustrated by finding out that someone has filled his hole, hinting that it was someone from the other side of the wall.

Then Amata hears the same piano music from the other night and Andy introduces him to the pianist himself - Shrade Elan - one of the best and most popular students among (girls along with Cayenne) in Neo-DEAVA who never participated in any battle. When Cayenne rushes in to question Amata about the performance from the battle the hard way, Shrade uses his Element Power through the piano to give Cayenne the painful vision of the "Wedding in the Mourning clothes" again.

At the same time Mikono is depressed that she won't be able to see Amata or Cayenne again before leaving. When the Abductor attack, Amata, Cayenne and Andy are picked up for the battle. At first, the battle goes badly since they couldn't see where their commander Jin is. But with Shrade's help, Cayenne manages to find Jin. However, Jin manages to avoid the attack and uses his army to break the Union. Things seem to get worse, until Fudō Zen, the High Commander of Neo-DEAVA arrives with Mikono to replace Andy. At first reluctant to do so, Mikono is reconsidered by Fudō to make an Element Change.

At first, Cayenne refuses Mikono to participate, but Mikono assures him to allow her. Even Amata was against it, thinking that she is still mad at him, but Mikono forgives him. With their differences settled, Amata forms Aquarion EVOL and launches Infinity Punch, that not only defeats Jin, but also destroys the "Berlin" Wall! With the Wall gone, Fudō DECLARES LOVE FORBIDDEN! And at the same time, on Altair, Mikage wakes up from his sleep.

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