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Love Prohibition Decree is the fifth episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on January 29, 2012.


With the Wall gone, Fudō DECLARES LOVE FORBIDDEN! Later, the chairman of Neo-DEAVA, Crea Dolosera returns from her journey. In the chairman's office, everyone discusses the situation Neo-DEAVA is in now. At the same time, Kagura departures to Vega, with the help of now awaken Mikage. Now with the Berlin gone, Neo-DEAVA academy becomes a Co-ed school and many students find it difficult to adapt to it.

On the first day of the Co-education, the academy decides to make a test at Neo-Kowloon - a field observation trip - by grouping 3 people into 1 group attached with a band with a ring that measure emotions: 1) Andy with MIX and Yunoha (a cat-doll); 2) Cayenne with Shrade and Sazanka; 3) Amata (who became an exception not to wear an emotion ring) with Mikono and Zessica; etc. During the test, Crea and Fudō explain that this test is set up to analyze the powers and emotions of everyone, in order to prevent the "Aquarion Incident" 8 years back, which involved Donar Dantes - the sole survivor, which explains his lost arms, and his two female partners (including his girlfriend) that disappeared during the incident (an incident in which Mikage was somehow involved, according to Dantes' memories).

Meanwhile, Dantes himself makes sure that Amata doesn't repeat that incident again with Mikono, by using his sharpshooter skills on him, since Amata reminds Dantes of himself in his youth. At the same time, the hiding Kagura senses Mikono again while hiding with his Mithra Gnis and goes on to find her. During the test across Neo-Kowloon, Amata feels uneasy when he looks at Mikono, which she notices. Zessica decides to make Mikono jealous by teasing Amata, but this makes him even more uneasy to which Dantes keeps shooting at him and Mikono states that "he could fly with anyone".

Later in the evening at the Neo-Kowloon tower, when Mikono can't stand by seeing Zessica making Amata to fly, she runs from the group with Amata following her to the sunset. While the two chat at the sunset that reminded them the scene from the movie "Skies of Aquaria", they discuss that their first meeting in episode 1 was like a destiny, which led Mikono to feel uneasy and be electrocuted by the ring on her arm. At the Neo-DEAVA, everyone fear that Amata and Mikono might fall in love with each other and demand Dantes to stop it, but Dantes can't get a good shot at Amata from below the tower.

At first Amata asks Mikono to forget what he said for her sake, but Mikono states that she can't forget those words, much to each others' excitement. As a result of their conversation, Amata feel so excited that he flies off, but Mikono manages to take his hand and in afterwards, by looking in each others eyes, they realize their feelings for each other and start to fall in love, much to everyone's horror. However, Kagura arrives and ruins their time together, takes Mikono's hand and states that she "stinks delicious", which makes her uneasy, a union deemed forbidden by Zen Fudō, and electrocutes her to an unconscious state.

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