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Agitato of Life is the sixth episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on February 5, 2012.


Amata recognizes Kagura from Cayenne's vision with horror and takes Mikono away from him by using "his wings". Meanwhile, Donar Dantes explains to Cayenne, Sazanka, Zessica and Andy the circumstances around Shrade, including his element power. While Amata runs from Kagura with Mikono sleeping in his arms, he hears her saying: "I have to tell him that I'm sorry", much to Amata's worry.

But Kagura doesn't seem to give up, and runs looking for Mikono while riding on his personnel unit. This leads to pick Cayenne, Andy and Zessica to fight Kagura. During the battle Cayenne is injured, but he is replaced by Shrade, despite his health problems, and Kagura manages to find the now awakened Mikono and Amata. While on the run, Amata notices that he has some kind of connection to Kagura, which leads him to realize that Kagura is inside his machine. He quickly replaces Andy, much to Andy's displeasure.

With now Shrade, Amata and Zessica together, they unite to form Aquarion Spada, with Shrade in command, and manage to defeat Kagura, by using the Moonlight Requiem attack. However, Kagura doesn't give up and continues to fight, but much to his annoyance, Jin gets ahold of him and forces him to return back to his base. When Kagura leaves, Amata and Zessica urge to follow him, but the last attack, having taken too much energy from Shrade, leaves him hospitalized.

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