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Midnight Girl is the seventh episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on February 12, 2012.


Recovering from last battle, Shrade is visited by Crea, convincing him not to enter the battle again, but he still urges to return to piloting the Aquarion, stating that he finally found the perfect melody for the Aquarion. Back at the academy, Andy organizes a new seat arrangement for their class so he could get close to some cute girl, much to MIX's displeasure. However Andy finds himself sitting between a man-hating MIX and a cat-doll, while Amata sits between a friendly Mikono and a seductive Zessica.

While looking at the cat-doll, Andy tells everyone a story about a girl that disappeared years ago and that her "ghost" is seen everywhere in a form of her doll. At first Zessica doesn't believe in that story, but, much to her worry, Malloy tells that ever since the Berlin fall, the doll has been appearing in the boys dorm. Meanwhile, at Altair Jin gathers up the collected data from the previous battles to come up with a strategy to defeat the Aquarion, while Kagura is locked up in a cage in Mikage's castle by commander Izumo as punishment for disobeying orders. Back at the academy, after finishing cleaning the class room, Amata accompanies a terrified Zessica to her dorm and later the other way around to his dorm.

On their way Amata notices that Zessica is scared of supernatural things, like Andy's ghost story and Zessica is trying to deny it. But the two first see the same cat-doll from before in the middle of nowhere, then they hear it singing and see it moving, which was too much for Zessica to take, so she runs away while holding on a scared and flying Amata. Mikono notices the two running and hears Zessica screaming: "Don't leave me!", much to her shock and misunderstanding. On the next day, Amata and Zessica tell everything to Andy what happened last night. But Andy doesn't believe them by stating that he made up the ghost story yesterday. When MIX asks the two what were they doing in the middle of the night, Amata was going to answer, later to be interrupted by Zessica asking him not to tell them that she was scared, much to everyone's confusion.

Mikono, thinking that the two were dating, makes a bigger misunderstanding by stating the phrase "Don't leave me!" that Zessica made that night, much to everyone's shock. Amata was about to clear the misunderstanding, but the discussion is interrupted with Abductor threat alarm. As Cayenne, Zessica and Amata departure, Amata noticed that Mikono is mad at him because of the misunderstanding. At first they think that it would be easy. But this time, attacking on remote control, Jin prepared a special attack for them - using mirror balls to reflect the laser attacks. As a result, Amata's energy level was dropping fast, much to Mikono and Zessica's horror. Blaming herself for what's happening to Amata, Zessica's energy level dropped too fast, breaking the union, so Fudō orders an Element change - Zessica on Yunoha Thrul - the same "ghost" from before.

After the union into Aquarion Evol, everyone manages to see Yunoha, much to her embarrassment. As a result of her embarrassment, she manages to make the Aquarion invisible and immune to the Abductor's attack, as it appears to be the Yunoha's Element power. With Yunoha's help, Amata makes the final blow - Subliminal Punch and defeats Jin. Back at the academy, Amata clears off the misunderstanding to Mikono and Zessica with Yunoha, by embracing her, much to both Amata and Yunoha's embarrassment, resulting Amata to fly, to Mikono and Zessica's displeasure.

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