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Expose Yourself is the eight episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on February 29, 2012.


While Sazanka sells pictures of everyone from the field observation trip (in episode 5) and Zessica hits on Amata as usual (much to Mikono's jealousy), Amata notices one picture of Andy and is urged to buy it much to everyone's confusion, mistaking him for a gay, later to be revealed to have a stolen pic of Kagura. As Amata tries to clear the confusion, Andy rushes in with a strange book that he found, as seen in the beginning of the episode while digging into the girl's locker room, thinking that he found The legendary "Book of Twin Stars". Yunoha tells a legend which states, that whoever holds that book can take full control of the forbidden Aquarion. As he spends the night translating the text from ancient language, on the next day he is embarrassed (mostly annoyed) to find out from MIX that he found an ancient school handbook of rules.

Back on Altair, Izumo demands Jin to return to Vega and bring more "Reaiglers" (girls and women from Vega), because all those who were brought to Altair were killed in the trans-dimensional transport or probably became useless to them. As Jin declines the conversation by stating that it would be better to be just with Alicia, but Izumo reminds him the difficult period that Altair has come across - girls stopped being born on their planet and an unknown disease infected all the women and wiped them all out, leaving only men on Altair (explaining why Jin is addressed as "The Last Son born on Altair").

Their goal is not the invasion of Vega, but a quest for salvation of Altair - to prevent their race from becoming extinct. Their goal is to find a power "Reaigler" capable of surviving the trans-dimensional transport, in order to make her their "True Eve" - a bride that will bare the next generation of Altair. And Jin concludes that by analyzing the collected data from the battle, there might be that same Reaiglers that their looking for piloting the Aquarion, or in their case - The Machine Angel. Later everyone discusses the handbook Andy found, and MIX concludes that they should take an example from the ancients with their rules, stating as an example how Zessica should really dress, resulting Zessica to ask an embarrassing question to Amata, leading him to fly as usual, much Mikono's jealousy. In the evening, as Mikono thinks of wearing something revealing (probably for Amata), Zessica teases her about it, which Mikono denies.

But their discussion is interrupted by another Abductor attack. This time Jin personally pilots a stronger version of Radius Gnis without remote control. Fudō sends out Amata, Zessica and Mikono for the task. At first using the union Aquarion Evol, they thought that could defeat Jin, but Jin manages to withstand the attack, collect the data from the Aquarion, break the union and, as a result, damage their element suits. While evading the attacks, Zessica notices that she can sense the missiles and dodges them. Fudō explains that the lesser their bodies are covered (or the more they let their guard down), the stronger and sharper their senses become. And so, Zessica rips off her suit, resulting in her success in the battle.

Later Amata does the same, and Mikono, reluctant and embarrassed to allow Amata to see her naked at first, follows them (in which we find more about Suomi wearing a nun outfit). With the battle at their advantage, they unite into Aquarion Spada, and piloted by Zessica, launch the final blow - No Guard Attack - and defeat Jin, hinting that he died in the explosion (later revealed to have survived in episode 9). The next day, Sazanka sells new pictures of Amata, Mikono and Zessica almost naked, much to Mikono's embarrassment. And unknowingly to anyone, Zessica bought one of Amata, hinting that she has feelings for him.

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