Anagram of a Man and a Woman


Otoko to Onna no Anaguramu
Air Date February 26, 2012
Episode 9
Opening Song Kimi no Shinwa ~ Aquarion Dai 2 Shou
Ending Song Gekkō Symphonia
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Anagram of a Man and a Woman is the ninth episode of the Aquarion EVOL anime. It first aired on February 26, 2012.


As everyone worried that Jin was killed in the battle, Izumo states that they should have faith that Jin survived. By analizing the data Jin send, Izumo concludes that what Mykage said in episode 5 was true - that the power Reaigler they're looking for might be close to the Aquarion, hinting that it might be Mikono or Zessica. Meanwhile, the 3 Altair pilots who seem to be admire Jin decide to avvenge Jin, later to be brainwashed by Mykage.

Back at the academy, both frustrated and excited by the fact that someone has filled all the holes that he made, Andy determines to dig more and more, with Amata reluctantly helping him. In the cafeteria, Sazanka discusses with Mikono, Zessica and MIX about going out on a date with Cayenne and Shrade, and hints on Mikono thinking of Amata as her partner to which Mikono denies and Zessica teases her about taking him, later to be interrupted by a man-hating MIX. When Mikono wonders why MIX is like that, Zessica starts to explain.

Later that night, while both of them dig, Andy explanins to Amata that digging is "his pride", that if the digger keeps digging, he will find new world where happiness awaits him, or in Andy's case - the girls locker room. Then all of a sudden, The hole is filled by non other than MIX! At first Andy tries to approach her with opened hands, but MIX insults him and his holes to which they start fo fight, later to be noticed by Fudō. In the command center, everyone decide to pair MIX, Andy and Mikono up a Mock Battle, much to both MIX and Andy's charging. As the two still argue since last night, refusing to unite and making the battle a failure, they were punished by the staff. As they still argue, Andy scolds her demeanor by pointing her up father to which she demmands never to mention ever again, which cathes his attenion.

Later that evening while Amata and Mikono disscuss about what hapened today, Amata wonders why MIX is like that, Mikono reveals that her hatrid of men and holes comes from her childhood experience with her father. Unknowingly for them, Andy, while hiding in his hole, listened to everything through the airhole, later in the evening pointing out that MIX has a hole in her heart. On next day, the three brainwashed Alterian pilots arrive and wait for the Aquarion to revenge for what happened to Jin. The Neo-DEAVA send out MIX, Andy and Mikono for the job. At first MIX was going to refuse, but Andy, now serious and realising MIX's problem, reassures her. Even Mikono was not sure if she could do it, but like in the Mock battle, Amata cheers for her.

At first MIX is reluctant to make a union, but Andy states that when she was filling those holes, she was filling herself in them and thus - isolating herself from the world. Andy notes that the only hole she never filled was the one in her heart and he wants to be the one to "fill the hole in her heart", much to her embarrassment. When they were about to unite, one of the Abductors was about to strike MIX, but Andy manages to protect her by taking the strike on himself before passing out. Quickly replacing Andy with Amata, they unite into Aquarion Evol and this time with the soul of the unconscious Andy, later to be explaned by Fudō that it's Mikono's Power to Connect. Now with MIX as the head and uniting her element power to fill holes with the Aquiarion, they use the Absolute Clam attack and defeat the enemy.

On the next day, MIX and Andy treat each other differently, but argue the same as usual. At the same time, Amata comments Mikono's power to be useful and ammazing, much to her embarasment. When Mikono accidentally trips over the stairway and Amata grabs her, they were too close to each other that Shushu bites Amata and he falls into a hole. Unknowingly to everyone, the island is observed by the survived Jin from far away.

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