Genesis of Aquarion Wiki


12,000 years after their last clash with mankind, the Shadow Angels return to attack the human cities and kidnap its inhabitants. Looking for the reincarnation of Apollonius, a Shadow Angel who turned against his own kind to protect the humans, Silvia de Alisia has an encounter with Apollo, a reckless and animalistic orphan from Arc City who somehow manages to unlock the true potential of mankind's greatest weapon, the Mechanical Angel Aquarion


  • (Silvia) "The Wing Sign... Could it be?"
  • (Apollonius To Apollo) "Say these words: 'Merge Form Genesis!'"
  • (Apollo) "Merge Form Genesis! Go Aquarion!!"
  • (While Merging) (Celiane) "Apollonius.." (Apollonius) "Come, Celiane."
  • (Silvia) "Could he really.. be the one?"
  • (Apollo) "Alright my friends! Lend me your power!"
  • (Sirius) "Is he the one..?" (Silvia) "Is it him..?"