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The Warrior Angel Moroha, another of the Shadow Angels, confronts Aquarion at Yuze City with Cherubim Soldier Iskuron and easily defeats it, but leaves before dealing the killing blow as he knows Toma has other plans for it. To get their revenge on him for hurting Silvia, Apollo and Sirius put aside their differences and join forces against Moroha when he attacks again.


  • (Moroha) "12,000 years ago in Atlandia, brave warrior angels vigorously waged war, pitting their skill and technique against one another at the valiant Festival of Combat. Now, because of Solar Wing's betrayal, the angels are gone, and our festival lights are all but faded away and disappeared. It would not be wise for us to allow Toma to face Solar Wing on his own."
  • (Lensi) "Moroha, a soldier as powerful as you deserves a creation worthy of your skill; a creation worthy of hosting such unparalleled warrior and tactician." (Moroha) "Lensi, the architect said to possess the fingers of God, tell me my friend, what have you created for me?" (Lensi) "An unparalleled Cherubim Soldier, a flawless specimen."
  • (Sophia) "Apollo is strong; he definitely has raw talent. But Sirius has perfect technique. It's nearly flawless. Technique beats strength every time." (Fudo) "Don't be so sure. If you seek perfection and gaze only towards the stars in the sky, you will fail to see the flowers on the ground."
  • (Sirius) "You broke the rules." (Apollo) "When you're in a real fight, your stupid rules don't mean anything."


  • It is revealed that Sirius and Silvia are the same blood type.