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Reika blames herself for the event that put her and Sirius' friend Glen Anderson in a coma. Her Element powers, able to bring misfortune to her and those close to her, causes her a lot of grief, until she learns to make good use of them in their following battle at Lake Los.


  • (Fudo) "Eyes as clear as a bubbling spring... But this water cannot be made into tea. Not until the ripples of fear and doubt subside."
  • (Glen) "One day, when I'm able to Merge, I definitely want it to be with you. (Sirius turns around) Uh, with the two of you!" (all laugh)
  • (Reika) "I left DEAVA so everyone wouldn't be caught up in my misfortune. So why?"
  • (Apollo) "What's going on? There isn't a single Cherubim, much less a Harvest Beast."
  • (Reika) "More misfortune." (Apollo) "Is this what you call misfortune? Misfortune this, misfortune that... That's all you talk about! (Reika) "What did you say?! (thinking) All of you simply don't see your own misfortune!" (Apollo) "Misfortune?! What's misfortune got to do with this?! Show us how "misfortunate" you really are!"
  • (Reika) "Feel the nadir of misfortune! Deathblow! Unlucky Bottom Attack!"


  • "Tori ni Natte", an insert song, plays this episode.
  • In the Japanese sub, this episode takes place at Lake Los. However, in the English dub, they call it "Lake Oolong", referencing Fudo's analogy about tea.
  • Glen was transferred from DEAVA's infirmary to the New United Nations Medical Center, his condition unknown.