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After the last battle, Apollo is brought against his will to the headquarters of DEAVA, the organization responsible to confront the Shadow Angels with Aquarion. While wondering if Apollo is actually the reincarnation of Apollonius, the members of DEAVA are attacked by the Holy Angel Toma, one of the Shadow Angels, who also wants to confirm if it is true, using Cherubim Blumenblatt


  • (Rena to Apollo) "I have other ways of seeing."
  • (Toma to Otoha) "Otoha, the Transmission Song. The Soul Transmission Song. Play it."
  • (Apollo) "That voice...? Sounded like singing.." (Silvia) "Wait, what voice?"
  • (Toma) "You've grown weak. What's become of you, Solar Wing?"
  • (Silvia) "Who's that?" (Sirius) "It's coming from the Cherubim.."