Element School


Eremento Sukūru
Air Date April 18, 2005
Episode 03
Opening Song Sousei no Aquarion
Ending Song Omna Magni
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Beast of Darkness
Barefoot Warrior


Determined to rescue his friend Baron who was captured by the Shadow Angels, Apollo starts attending DEAVA's school for Elements. He has a hard time trying to get along with his classmates, especially Silvia, until the Shadow Angels launch another attack with a Cherubim Soldier and a Harvest Beast


  • (Pierre talking about Apollo) "C'mon, who's this guy kidding? Can't even fly, no way he's the reincarnation of Solar Wing."
  • (Kurt) "The way Silvia's acting, it's easy to doubt her supposed past life too."
  • (Pierre talking about Silvia pushing Apollo away from her while in the simulators) "It makes you think; yeah, she's pushing him away, but does she really mean it?"
  • (Silvia thinking about Apollo kissing her) "That little rat! If he ever tries that again, I'll punch him right in the nose!"


  • Apollo and Silvia have their first kiss this episode. However, it was unintentional and Silvia is seen furiously brushing her teeth because of it.