Genesis of Aquarion Wiki

Toma exposes to the other fellow Shadow Angels his plan to make use of Aquarion to restore the Tree of Life. Meanwhile, Gen Fudou, the commander of DEAVA forces, holds a special training session for the Elements that proves itself useful to them against their next enemy. 


  • (Jun) "No wonder they can't stay on their feet. A strike from the Cherubim Soldier's staff nullifies all gravity for a few seconds."
  • (Tsugumi) "No, he's got the right idea. Of the three formations, Solar Aquarion has the lowest center of gravity. That makes Apollo the Head Element."
  • (Reika) "Ugh, this is painful. (Sirius) "I can't watch anymore."
  • (Gen) "Sirius is right, those three are unsightly. But! Sometimes you have to look ridiculous to master something new! Think back everyone. When you were toddlers, how did you learn how to walk?" (Sirius) "Well, I.. I crawled on all fours at first, sir." (Sophia) "I banged into things and fell flat on my butt a lot." (Reika) "I would just grab onto anything that was in reach, and then somehow try to stand."
  • (Sophia) "Every time they get knocked down they still try to stand up." (Gen) "Like infants learning how to walk. They will persevere."
  • (Tsugumi) "Amazing. Human will is flowing right into Aquarion's legs."