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Apollo decides to flee the Academy to look for Baron himself. Fudo assembles the other Elements to bring him back, until they must once again join forces to confront Mythical Beast Xibalba at Valley City.


  • (Sirius) "Probably the same person who put teeth marks in my Roman Coin collection."
  • (Jun) "Apollo's missing!" (Fudo) "Don't worry. He won't stay gone long. You're going to find him!"
  • (Apollo) "Agh! Man, this is getting old. One of these tunnels has to lead to the Vectors..."
  • (Sophia) "The first one to find Apollo earns the right to fly a Vector! Good luck then. And.. Go! (crash in the background) I forgot to mention there are traps! Be careful!"
  • (Sirius) "Only a mongrel like you would mistake that Roman Solidus for a chocolate coin. A mistake you will soon regret!"
  • (Fudo) "Those self-centered cadets could find their way out if only they would learn how to co-operate with each other." (Sophia) "So that's the goal of this training. Teamwork. Huh."


  • Reika is seen holding dowsing rods as her method to find Apollo.
  • Jun tries to use his Psychic Photography to find Apollo.
  • Tsugumi used a machine that can detect changes in the magnetic flux caused by humans as her method to find Apollo.