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Toma dispatches a new Cherubim able to dodge all of Aquarion's attacks until Apollo manages to bring forth Solar Aquarion's special attack that pursues the enemy - Cherubim Luna - wherever it runs.


Apollo stealing some ice cream from Silvia that she had gotten for Sirius as a surprise.


  • (Jerome) "Okay class, today we will begin an exercise designed to channel your thoughts into long-distance attacks. Your partners will position themselves at the foot of those mushroom mountains, and you will cause them to turn around by using the power of your own thoughts."
  • (Sophia) "His aura levels are off the chart. (Jerome) "Okay, but what good does it do if he can't harness it?"
  • (Sophia) "Commander, their ESP is still severely underdeveloped, not to mention unstable. Perhaps we should start a shorter distance in order to boost their confidence." (Fudo) "Distance isn't the problem. (Jerome) "Hm?" (Fudo) "It only seems far to them because they believe it's far. Their hearts are weak. Distance and time are simply constructs of an uncertain spirit. (Sophia) "So we create them?"
  • (Otoha) "The moon becomes you tonight my lord. Like you, it teases, close enough to bask in the light of its beauty, but too far away to ever hope to touch it." (Toma) "I suppose it is in my nature. Never close, never far. Hm, yes. That's perfect."


  • The Elements used rock-paper-scissors to determine their partners.
  • Apollo's partner was Pierre, Reika's was Sirius, and Silvia's was Tsugumi, Chloe's was Kurt.
  • Jun and Rena stood by instead to take aura measurements.
  • Jun hadn't ever held hands with a girl until this episode, where he had to hold Rena's hand.
  • Apollo has an impressive aura, but he is unable to control his Element abilities.
  • The Elements abilities are a form of ESP.
  • Fairy-like creatures live at Atlandia alongside the Shadow Angels.
  • This is the first time that a Cherubim Soldier has ever been seen to "laugh".