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Silvia's older brother Sirius always believed he was the reincarnation of Apollonius, but his jealousy grows as more indicts about Apollo being so appears and Toma decides to make use of it in his next plan against the Elements using the Sacred Geometric Structure of Antichthon.


  • (Sirius) "Oh, lovely rose about to bloom. Your petals dripping red. Your leaves lithe and green. Your lustrously moist fragrance fills the air. Receive my blood with your lips. Taste it with your tongue. Quench your thirst before you wither and die. Then blossom... with destruction."

  • (Silvia) "I thought Rena was the librarian!"
  • (Toma) "A red rose." (Otoha) "Left by the hand of a mortal. Then there is a Wingless One who understands the beauty of destruction. (Toma) "That may be. And it might also be his undoing. (Toma analyzes the rose with his powers) Such a bitter aura... How perfect. I'll show this human what true beauty is."
  • (Celiane) "In the hope that our prayers may be answered, I give this to you. I beg you, sparkling like the rays of the sun, and as transparent as the waters from a spring, take this jewel into your hands. This jewel that holds the moments of flames - bursting from the immortal sun. The distant and immortal soul frolics in the immortal flames. Offer this to the temple and no one shall refuse your prayer. Or carry it with you on the thorn-filled journey ahead."

  • (Fudo) "In this life, when one human discovers a piece of their soul in another then they initially experience true love... But then that love mutates when they realizes that piece is unattainable, jealousy replaces love. Jealousy; the voice of the human soul longing for that which is unattainable. Longing is energy! Now carry it with you and live, Aquarion!"


  • The book Silvia picks up is called Lithica and it's about the property of stones and jewels.
    • The title Lithica is the Latin transliteration of the Greek word "λιθικά", which means "(Things) of stone". However the title on the book reads, "βιβλίο της πέτρας" which translates to "Book Of The Stone". In the book, most content is written in English, two lines below a human diagram are in Chinese, but the titles of each part are in Modern Greek and read "πέτρα δύναμης" (= Stone of Power) and "έλεγχος θερμοκρασίας" (= Temperature Control) (1st page), "ανθρώπινος κανόνας της φύσης" (= Human Code of Nature) (top of 2nd page), and "έντομο" (= Insect) and "λουλούδι" (= Flower) (bottom of 2nd page).
  • Lithica is generally attributed to Onomakritos of Greece, but it has also been called one of Orpheus' poems.
    • According to Jun, "Orpheus teaches the immortality of the soul. The soul is immortal, and moves from one body to another. In other words, a never-ending cycle of reincarnation. Jewels, too, are eternal, just as people have a jewel called their "soul" inside of them."
      • Basically, this explains why certain Elements, such as Silvia, are reincarnations.
  • Silvia is shown to be afraid of spiders, while Apollo is nonplussed by them, picking one up with his bare hand.
  • The roses that Sirius grew are Krönenburg Alisias.
  • Sirius calls Silvia "Silvie" in this episode. Most likely it is a nickname for her.
  • Antichthon is a decahedron, meaning it has only ten plane faces.


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