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Element Tsugumi Rosenmeier was always shunned for not being able to control her powers, but she finally manages to put it to good use in her first time piloting Aquarion against a new model Cherubim Soldier - Cherubim Graeve - spotted in Mira City.


  • (Unknown Voice 1 from Tsugumi's Childhood) "It's another explosion! Everybody take cover!" (Unknown Voice 2) "It's Tsugumi again!" (Unknown Voice 3) "Tsugumi." (Unknown Voice 4) "Tsugumi?" Tsugumi? (Unknown Voice 5) "Tsugumi!" (Unknown Voice 2) "That girl's a danger! Nobody's safe when she's around!" (Tsugumi as a Child) "Make them stop!"
  • (Tsugumi) "I can't Merge! Nobody's safe around me!"
  • (Fudo) "So you plan to sit here and let the others do the fighting? Will you always be running away? Suit yourself."


  • Jun got a nosebleed this episode from Merging for the first time.