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The Shadow Angels use the Mythical Beast Titania to put children around the world to sleep endlessly while it drains their Prana for them. To face the new threat, the Elements are put to sleep to confront the enemy in the dream world where it resides.


  • (Sirius) "The lunar eclipse fills the sky. The sun imposes its will as it eats away the moon. The sun's will weakens, and the moon appears once again. The moon's pale green light silently illuminates our dreams."
  • (Fudo) "The Path to Dreams has opened. Time for bed."
  • (Otoha) "The Mythical Beast Titania preys upon their slumber. She enters their dreams through the moonlight and captures their living Prana. They are held prisoner within her dream-world, trapped behind the walls of their own consciousness."
  • (Fudo) "The moon. It appears in the sky as a crescent, but remember that is only the visible surface which the sunlight strikes. The true essence of the moon is the part that remains hidden. This is also true with dreams."
  • (Fudo) "At night, our dreams shines with daylight. Our dreams are an ocean; each wave is the dream of an individual, and this tide is controlled by the pull of the moon. It illuminates our dreams. If you open the moon, you will discover the Path to Dreams."
  • (Rena) "When people die, they are submerged in the Ocean of Dreams. At the end of life's path is a door that leads us to this ocean." (Fudo) "Our dreams transcend the self to reach this sea, connecting us all within its lunar tide." (Jerome) "Ah, yes, what Jun called the collective unconscious. Are you saying he was referring to our dreams? That the moon is their physical embodiment?" (Sophia) "Aquarion taps into the lunar and solar power of its pilots. This connection with the celestial bodies may help them reach those children behind the doors of the moon!"
  • (Titania) "If you kill him in the dream world, then he'll die in the real one."