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The Myth Contains the End is the first chapter of the Aquarion EVOL manga series.


Amata Sora was living and working in a theater, he was watching the "Skies of Aquaria". The owner told Amata he never gets tired of watching it and because of that he keeps playing it, although he doesn't know why he likes it that much. Amata explained that he was feeling something when watching it. He then told Amata to go and clean the seats and as Amata went, he saw a girl still in her seat watching and crying. As Amata spoke to her, he got startled and apologized and head out, but Amata asked her if she liked the movie. Although she said she didn't, she guessed Amata liked it, and introduced herself as Mikono Suzushiro, telling him that sometime he can tell her things about the movie.

Amata was preparing to go out with Mikono, adding extra weight to his shoes, knowing he floats when gets excited. They went out and talked a bit about the movie, but a stray cat startled Mikono and she got close to him. Amata started to get excited, but in that moment a creature came out of Mikono's hair and attacking Amata. Mikono explained this was Shushu and it was her cat she saved from Abductors. They went to eat some ice cream and enjoyed themselves, until Abductors appeared and started attacking the city. Kagura Demuri who had stolen a machine went to them, following Mikono's smell and tried taking her, but Neo-DEAVA Aquaria's came and attacked Kagura.

At the same time in the Neo-DEAVA headquarters, the leaders were observing the situation and realizing it was coming from another dimension.