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The Girl in the Night is the tenth chapter of the Aquarion EVOL manga series.


Andy W. Hole made up a story about the frog stuffed animal they see. He told the students it belonged to a transfer girl, who was really shy and when students tried to talk to her, seeing her watering eyes they would leave her along and eventually they started avoiding her. And one day she disappeared, stopping coming to class, but her stuffed animal kept appearing. Zessica Wong didn't wanted to believe it, but as other students commented they heard stories about it too, she got a little scared.

Later that night, Amata Sora was mopping the floor and Zessica was waiting for him to finish, to ask him to go home together. As they did, the stuffed animal appeared, someone singing was heard and the stuffed animal moved. Seeing that Amata started to fly a little and Zessica grabbed him and ran at full speed outside. As they fell on the ground, they were seen by Mikono Suzushiro, who misunderstood their situation and left.