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Hidden Heart is the eleventh chapter of the Aquarion EVOL manga series.


On the next day, Zessica and Amata were telling how they saw the "green cat" move in the hallway. Students weren't really believing them, but Mix asked them what where they doing there. Zessica told Amata to not reveal she was scared and as Amata didn't know what else to say, Mikono told everyone that she saw them on top of each other with Zessica telling Amata to not leave her. Amata was trying to explain that wasn't what happened, but Zessica didn't deny it. In that moment, an attack occurred.

Amata, Zessica and Cayenne went to form Aquarion and fight the enemy Jin, but he was using Radius Gnis, shooting them from large distances. As they were not able to pinpoint the enemy attack and avoid or block his attacks, Zessica spirit level was dropping and the Unification would have broken. Zen Fudo then called for an element change, replacing Zessica with Yunoha Thrul. All the students wondered who that was and the stuffed green animal appeared on Aquarion. Yunoha then apologized that because of her Mikono misunderstood Amata and they called for an Unity forming Aquarion Evol with Yunoha becoming visible to everyone. As she got ashamed to be seen, she used her power and made the whole Aquarion invisible and the attacks went though him. Using this new power, they managed to reach Jin and defeat him.

After the battle, Amata introduced Yunoha to the rest, saying that it was filled with the spirit of the dead girl, but Suoumi explained Yunoha was an element user like the rest and she was alive. Yunoha then revealed her and that surprised Amata, who started to fly and Zessica and Mikono commented he will fly for anyone, making Yunoha a bit happy.