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The One-Eyed Student is the twelfth chapter of the Aquarion EVOL manga series.


Jin Muso was introduced in class as a new transfer student under a fake name. He was given a mission by Izumo Kamurogi telling him to infiltrate the Neo-DEAVA steal a part of the mechanical angel and find the strongest rare igura. As he was attractive the girls surrounded him and started asking him questions. He ran away but outside of the classroom, two more girls talked to him and he tried to observe, but that creeped the girls out and they left. Cayenne Suzushiro then came telling him he will show him around and then he walked him around school.

Later he observed Andy W. Hole digging a hole and Mix using her power to make him get stuck and not remove his hands. Seeing that he got a little scared of rare iguras. A bit later he saw Suomi Konepi talking to Donar Dantes that they must not allow students to fall in love and as she pulled, she took off his arm. Seeing that, Jin got shocked that she ripped of his arm and got even more scared of rare iguras. He then saw girls fighting for who to get the last dessert and ran away hiding in a room. Moments later, Zessica Wong found him and hit him with a shoe for peeking on the girls. But Yunoha Thrul explained that he was likely there before they came and she also had mixed boys and girls dressing rooms.

As he walked away from the girls, he was feeling really shocked of the girls power and then met Andy and Amata. They introduced themselves, but as they couldn't call him by name, they decided to call him Jin, which in reality was his real name too. But he just went to sleep ignoring them.