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Wavering Sounds is the thirteenth chapter of the Aquarion EVOL manga series.


Amata and Mikono went to sit with Yunoha while eating, they wondered what was wrong with Jin as he didn't seem very social and Yunoha told them he reminds her of herself, as when she transferred people talked to her, but she was shy and in time, they stopped approaching her and talking to her.

Shrade went to speak with Cayenne, who had a vision of a one-eyed giant. Shrade explained a noise had entered the school few days ago and Cayenne realized that Jin was the giant he had a vision about.

Jin was trying to study the rare iguras, but without any success, in the library he met Yunoha. As she turned invisible, he was impressed and though she can be alone when she wants, but Yunoha explained she didn't wanted to be alone and cried before leaving. Jin went back in his room, where he accessed Yunoha's data and learned about her ability, realizing she defeated him the other day. As he spoke with Izumo, he told him to take the weird rare igura and return. Andy then invited him and Amata to go dig some holes and Jin agreed. In reality Jin went to look for Yunoha, wanting to speak with her and as he climbed up to her room, Cayenne came shooting at him. He started questioning Jin why he was there and tried shooting one more time, but as Yunoha tried to stand in front of him to protect him, Jin created a barrier blocking the shot. A bit later, they released Jin and Yunoha dressed her stuffed toy as Sylvie, but Jin seemed unimpressed.

Donar was trying to speak with Crea that Jin was an imposter, but both Crea and Zen were fine with it, as he passed their exam, meaning he had a place there.