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Ever Closer is the fourteenth chapter of the Aquarion EVOL manga series.


Mikage approached Izumo, who was wondering about the similarities with Alicia Sora. Mikage explained that Alicia was chosen to be their new Eve, but before leaving Vega she gave birth and as she arrived on Altair she felt into slumber. As she was useless now, she attempted to kill her, but Izumo got angry yelling at him to leave her alone. Mikage then went to Kagura, teasing him with the memories of Apollonius and Sylvie. Kagura then transformed into a wolf, escaping and biting Mikage on the neck, but then left.

The academy anniversary was coming and there were preparations for that day. Andy decided to invite the girls in they room and Amata ended up asking Zessica to come to. Andy spoke with Jin about the party, but he wasn't interested until Andy mentioned the girls will be coming. Later that night, the girls sneaked through one of the holes he made. As they went out, they say Cayenne and Shrade speaking in front of the hole and they decided to go with them. When they went to the boys room, Andy was surprised Cayenne and Shrade came too and tried to explain they were just trying to come up with a plan for tomorrow. Zessica started looking around as she heard from Mix that boys keep dirty magazines. She ended finding a picture under Amata's bed which was of Sylvie. He explained he was a fan and Yunoha remembered that Jin also had a device that was playing Sylvie's song and they asked him to play it. Hearing the song, they decided to play Skies of Aquaria movie on the anniversary event.