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The Red Thread of Destiny is the fifteenth chapter of the Aquarion EVOL manga series.


Yunoha invited Jin to go see the movie together as a date and he agreed. As he left, he forgot his device on the bench and Yunoha decided to take it to give it to him, but heard Izumo speaking from it, warning Jin that Kagura was going and he needed to grab the rare igura, before Kagura destroys everything.

During the ceremony, Kagura came and started attacking Neo-DEAVA. Seeing him, Jin wondered why he was there and then Yunoha gave him the device saying she heard his transmission. Having no other choice, Jin decided to take her with him.

They tried fighting Jin, but he was much stronger than before. The headquarters then noticed a vector leaving with Jin and Yunoha inside. Jin explained he was an enemy and what was his mission, but hearing that Jin wasn't considering her a friend, made Yunoha cry and ask him to not do it. Jin then decided to help them, but then Mikage showed on his vector saying the price of betrayal won't be cheap leaving a mark on his forehead. Jin and Yunoha then activated Union with Andy and Cayenne, and with the new Aquarion they closed the dimensional portal and Amata was able to defeat Kagura. In that moment, Mikage activated his attack and pierced Jin's forehead. Yunoha was happy they won, but then saw Jin's condition. She told him that he helped everyone. Moment before dying, Jin told Yunoha, she was his special miracle that gave him strength.