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Forbidden Union is the second chapter of the Aquarion EVOL manga series.


The boys tried fighting Kagura, but were losing, in that moment the girls piloting the F-Type models came to assist. Donar Dantes wondered if having girls and boys fighting together was a good idea, but the commander assured him the Guize Stone was protecting them. As they fought Kagura, he used a tornado attack slamming all the Aquaria's together. Upon touching each other, the pilots felt similar to a Union and some got ejected from the Vectors returning to headquarters.

Amata had protected Mikono from the debris of a statue, but now they were stuck under them. He removed some of his weights, apologized and hugged her to excite himself and started floating while holding Mikono. In that moment one of the freed Vectors came and let Amata and Mikono inside, hearing Fudo's voice, Amata knew what he need to do, activated a Union and transformed into Aquarion Evol, breaking the Guize Stone. Cayenne Suzushiro wondered if Amata was a terrorist, while in the headquarters they were attempting to separate and eject them, but didn't had any control. Moments later Cayenne power activated showing the future, where they saw Mikono and Kagura together.